About Us

Our History

The Indiana Association for Healthcare Quality is a non-profit organization founded in late 1979 in an effort to fill the professional and educational void in which many of us in the Quality Assurance field found ourselves.


The following individuals have served as President of InAHQ:

1979 – 1982 Lois Cleckner Region V  








Karen Varda, InAHQ President accepts the 2010 NAHQ Gold Award

2010 Gold Award
1982 – 1983 Carolyn Smith Region VI
1983 – 1985 Doyne Moreland Region VII
1985 – 1986 James French Region VI
1986 – 1988 Peggy Reen Region II
1988 – 1990 James French Region VI
1990 – 1992 Julie Girten Region VII
1992 – 1993 Sherri Lett Region II
1993 – 1994 Jane Miller Region V
1994 – 1995 Linda Cassidy Region V
1995 – 1996 Shelley Voelz Region V
1996 – 1997 Jeanette Spradlin Region VI
1997 – 1998 Virginia Termine Region V
1998 – 1999 Debra Close Region III
1999 – 2000 Mindy Buckle Region VI
2000 – 2001 Sue Ehinger Region III
2001 – 2002 Betty Brown Region VII
2002 – 2003 Trina Delph Region II
2003 – 2004 Carol Fridlin Region V
2004 – 2005 Lynn Olszewski Region I
2005 – 2006 Ann Bumb Region V
2006 – 2007 Desila Rosetti Region I
2007 – 2008 Bonnie Tuttle Region V
2008 – 2009 Linda Ostermeier Region V
2009 – 2010 Natalie Webb Region IV
2010 – 2011 Karen Varda Region VII
2011 – 2012 Carolyn Townsend Region V
2012 – 2013 Bonnie Tuttle Region IV
2013 – 2014 Vickie Bridge Region II
2014 – 2015 Patricia Julius Region II
2015 – 2016 Rod Clarke Region V
2016 – 2017 Angela Opsahl Region V
2017 – 2018 Julia Wallyn North Region

Periodically the Board of Directors grants honorary membership to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to InAHQ. Honorary membership has been bestowed on the following individuals:

Betty Brown – Region VII
Eleanore Ellis – Region V
Gloria Ferguson – Region II
Marcia Goheen – Region III
Barbara Miller – Region VI
Doyne Moreland – Region VII
Bonnie Tuttle, Region IV

The Board of Directors presents the Distinguished Member Award to Members who have made an outstanding contribution to the healthcare quality profession. This award has been presented to the following:

2001 – Jeanette Spradlin – Region VI
2002 – Shelley Voelz, Region V
2005 – Linda Cassady, Region V
2005 – Betty Brown, Region VII
2010 – Bonnie Tuttle, Region V
2012 – Karen Varda, Region VII
2014 – Carolyn Townsend, Region IV


The Indiana Association for Healthcare Quality is proud to be the recipient of three State Association Excellence Awards from the National Association for Healthcare Quality. The awards are based on achievement of the state association's goals, the quality of its newsletter, its education programs, member involvement in NAHQ, its support of the CPHQ certification program, its support of National Healthcare Quality Week, individual member projects, and the association's financial support of the Healthcare Quality Foundation.

InAHQ has won the following State Association Excellence Awards from NAHQ:

1997 – Gold Award
2002 – Gold Award
2005 – Gold Award
2010 – Gold Award

2000 – Bronze Award
2009 – Bronze Award

2001 – Silver Award
2008 – Silver Award

As defined by NAHQ, the NAHQ Award for Association Excellence recognizes the state healthcare quality association that provides exceptional membership services and benefits. The award is intended to enhance the goals and objectives of NAHQ by promoting quality educational offerings and providing information to healthcare quality professionals through the affiliated organizations. Each state association application is assessed on the states' achievement of its established goals and objectives, the quality of its newsletter, the quality of its educational programs, and the state membership's involvement in NAHQ.

Organizational Structure

InAHQ is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of the following 23 positions:

Officers: President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Each year the membership elects a President-elect. On alternating years, membership elects a secretary or treasurer.

Team Leaders: At the Annual Conference, members are asked to volunteer their time for one of the standing teams. The President is responsible for selecting the Team Leaders of each of the teams. The team leaders become voting members of the Board of Directors.

Standing Teams and their Purpose

Education: Plans and coordinates all educational opportunities sponsored by InAHQ.

Quality and Advocacy: Coordinates activities related to issues affecting the healthcare quality profession on the local, state and national level, and to inform the membership of legislative initiatives that pertain to healthcare quality.

Marketing: Identifies and acts upon marketing opportunities sponsored by InAHQ. Coordinates the publishing of all printed materials including the association's quarterly newsletter; coordinates the Membership Ladder Pins and the Distinguished Member Award;helps to address issues of members retention and recruitment.

Bylaws: Reviews the Bylaws annually and recommends any necessary changes.

Policies & Procedures: Documents the areas of responsibility for the Officers, regional Representatives and other teams. This team also develops general policies for the Board of Directors and the general membership as needed to clarify the Bylaws.

Nominating: Prepares the slate of nominees for the general election.

Credentials: Responsible for ensuring that each delegate who presents her/himself at any meeting of the state delegates is, indeed, a member in good standing in the state association, manages and maintains member database and is also the designee of the regional association.

Finance: Prepares the association's budget.

To join one of these teams or for more information, please click on the Contact Us icon and contact the appropriate Team Leader.